Old Lady Le Sf2

Thumbnail OLD LADY LE SF2
12.00 USD
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Entry-Level Old Lady Piano Sound Font. A 300 MB SoundFont based on the Old Lady piano.

Holy Grail Kontakt 2

Thumbnail HOLY GRAIL Kontakt 2
7.00 USD
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Holy Grail Add-On for Kontakt 2. Special add-on for Hybrid Pianos Add-On that adds amazing features to any sampled piano. Must be used with the Hybrid...

Historic Keyboards Collection Exs24

Thumbnail Historic Keyboards Collection EXS24
54.00 USD
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2 Harpsichords, a virginal and a Fortepiano for EXS24.

  • 1. Historic Keyboard...
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  • 2. Historic Keyboard...
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Postorgantoolkit Giga

Thumbnail PostOrganToolkit Giga
24.00 USD
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Post Organ Toolkit for GigaStudio and compatible samplers. A huge collection of indidual registrations, combinations and tutti´s from the outstanding collection of Post Church Organs. The Post...

Post Positive Organ Giga

Thumbnail Post Positive Organ GIGA
19.00 USD
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Positive Organ for GIGASTUDIO and compatible samplers. A small positif organ, chramitically sampled with release samples. 5 registrations: flute, holpipe, quint, flute and holpipe and tutti. The...

Piano E Forte Soundfont2

Thumbnail PIANO E FORTE SoundFont2
24.00 USD
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Great FORTEPIANO SoundFont2 file (450 MB) brings you a soundfont replica of this historic keyboard for Haydn and early Mozart music.

Embedded Gigapulse Files

Thumbnail Embedded GigaPulse files
2.00 USD
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The embedded Hall and Sustain pedal GigaPulse files that can be used to enhance the PMI pianos in GigaStudio 3.